Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fold-Over Shirt

Ta-da!  The pattern for the no-neck binding shirt I was talking about the other day.   The furthest to the left is the sleeve, followed by the back and then the front is on the right.   As you can see, both the front and the back but up against the fold (well, trust me, its a fold) producing a body with double thickness AND no need for a neck binding.

The pointy parts from the back are pinned along the arm holes of the front - with the fold in towards the neck and the raw edges out to the arm hole.

(Don't worry, the back  lays flat when it gets onto a body.)

 Next (and without sewing, although I suppose one could baste first) the sleeves are pinned in place, holding the back front overlap together.

The sleeves are sewn on, and then the sides are pinned together and sewn from cuff to hem line, and presto, with three seams a shirt with a nifty neckline is born!

I still need to hem the bottom edge and the sleeves, but I think that will be work for another day.
Close up of how the neckline comes together.

All in all I'm very pleased with this shirt -- although the neckline is a bid wider than I'd intended.   Its forcing me to wear my bra straps on the very tips of my shoulders, which while not the end of the world, is irritating.   The next one (and there absolutely will be a next one) will be a bit narrower, and possibly involve putting another fold at the sleeve cuff so I don't have to bother with a hem there either, and get double thickness throughout the shirt.


  1. Super whizzy - great concept that works in practice. That colour is awesome too. Ps you may need to check your last label? Does it have a missing "r" or is there something else going on?!

    1. that would be a spelling mistake..... which I will have to fix when I get home. good catch....

  2. Ingenious! Will have to try this out myself!

  3. Stunning! And what a great color on you!

  4. wow, that's amazing.... i can't wait to try it!

  5. This is so neat---I'm fascinated by how the flat ends from the back manage to wrap around the front. Hmm, now I'm tempted to try something like this... thanks for sharing the pattern shots!

  6.'s lovely! I love how it turned out, and the color is very fabulous on you :)


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