Sunday, April 22, 2012

::waves from the couch::

Hi all!  Thank you for all the comments, encouragement and ideas on my last post!  Between extra rehearsals and being sick (I was about to go into way too much detail.  Let's just say drippy ick and satin is a poor mix) I never got a chance to touch it last week.   I will try to fix it as is - but I' going to need to grab a bit more material first, so that will have to wait a little while.

No sewing news to report - my body shut down yesterday and I slept until dinner time - so instead I offer pictures of pretty things I've been seeing of late.

As usual - pretty things on modcloth.   This one is pretty recent (as of writing this post).  I really like how they sort of interwove the lace and the solid fabric -- it looks like the look is achieved by appliqueing strips of lace to the solid and the gathering everything and tacking it down.   I'd like to try something like this at some point, it could be very elegant.  [Edit:  further investigation shows it appears to be pieced and set over a lining.]

This is also from modcloth (I think) but its quite old (at least in their terms where things disappear in a few weeks) Anyhow -- look at the lines.  It has the look of an underbust corset with piping to draw attention to the seaming, a shawl collar  and a crazy multi-layer skirt.  I wouldn't normally think all these elements could come together, but I really like the result.   I'm wondering how it would look in a solid, or if a large part of its charm is due to the plaid being on the bias and adding a lot of interest to the design.

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