Thursday, April 12, 2012

I got distracted, or clown couture.


I seem to have made a clown dress.  

 Last week I went to the fabric store for bias tape, and was being very good and not getting anything extra until I saw this fabric.   I immediately imagined this dress, just as it is, found it was half-off and bought four yards.   Up close, the fabric looks more water-colory and less bozo-escaped-from-the-circus, although I must say I think I like it all the more as a result.  

I used McCall's 5292 and added my own pockets (I think these are called pouch or apron pockets, but its also 100% possible I'm crazy.  Does anyone know the proper name?)

The fabric is a sort of silky polyester and the lining is a blue mystery of about the same "fiber" content.   Its actually the truly mysterious project I cannot remember cutting out.  I wouldn't normally have chosen a dark blue for this, but half the cutting and using up this enigma made it absolutely worth it.   Technically its still unfinished, as I've yet to hem it, but its freeeeeeeeeezing cold today and the heat is off in my building, so hemming shall wait until I can pull it off without shivering.

In other news, Magpie Mimi has given me a Liebster Award!   (Thank you!!!!)

Totally made my day.  As I understand it, its for blogs one likes that have less than 200 followers to help people find them.  Now, fun chain letter type of things that it is, I am to nominate five people myself. Now, I'm not sure about exact counts, so just feel the love if you are actually world famous and I am too much of a hermit to know.  On that note, I choose:  Quixotic Pixels  Small Things  Quiet and Small Adventures Sycamore Stitches (maybe this will get her to post more often... hint hint) and Scruffy Badger who I'm sure has well over 200 followers, but there are no numbers listed anywhere, so I'm pleading the 5th.  (except that I gave myself away... hrmmm)

The way it works is:
1) thank your liebster blog award presenter on your blog
2) link back to the blogger who presented the award to you
3) pop that icon onto your blog
4) presented the award to 5 blogs with 200 followers or less
5) let them know they were chosen by leaving a comment.

Oh, and I signed up for Me-Made-May-2012, but this post is already too long.  More next time!


  1. Actually, I like it quite a bit with the cardigan. It tones it down a bit and makes it more wearable.

  2. I think colours like that, on a strappy sundress are totally bright and cheerful, in fact, I wouldn't think twice. Not clown in my book. But interesting you are sewing for summer if cold are clearly more organised than me, or have a holiday planned!
    Looks wonderful and fits you beautifully as always.
    Thank you for the award, nice of you to share the love. You've been beaten to it sadly, I think this is no. 3, so think on the positivr, you've made me happy, but I dont have to go through the trauma of choosing who to pass it onto.;-)

    1. It was actually hot last week -- the weather here is insane and rather than getting spring or fall we bounce back and forth between the 80s and the 40s (F) so I can't claim to be that organized.

  3. You make one of the most adorable clowns of all time. Also, I am hiding in bed from snow today, so I feel you (at least we have heat on!)

    Congratulations on your award! :)

    1. snow? ouch. It was about 37(F) that night... but wow.

  4. I LOVE it! The fabric is so fun and perfect for summer (whenever that decides to roll around again...)


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