Saturday, February 9, 2013

2nd Blogoversary + Give away

Wasn't really paying attention to the date, and then I saw that Oona had missed her blogoversary  and realized it was about time for mine too.   Turns out we're both February 8th - go figure.    Clearly it was an auspicious day.

Anyhow - I've decided to do a give away, and to try to make it more interesting than the last, aborted, attempt there are options!   If you win, you get to pick your favorite, and this is open to everyone everywhere.   Just leave a comment and I'll pick someone next Saturday, on the 16th.

 Our first option is this undated number that appears to be from the 70s - it includes a tunic, jacket (basically a shorter version of the tunic, but with long sleeves) and pants and is a single size:  38 bust / 40 hip.  It has a snazzy front opening zipper and patch pockets that double as belt loops.

Next up, is this dress from 1967 with interesting side diagonal darts (look closely at the green and beige versions), optional pockets built in over the hip dart and a raised collar.  It comes in a bust-34.  (Although the envelope is ripped, the pattern is fine.)

And the final option is a modern infinity dress - McCall's standard sizing 6-14 and uncut.

Anyhow, should any of these strike your fancy, let me know by Feb 16th.  I'll do a drawing soon after and the winner can pick which one she (or he) would like.


  1. Happy bloggiversary Allison!!! Some fine patterns there, I particularly like the first two, but have something very similar a,ready to the first ( but love that zip front look). If I were to be so lucky to win I'd pick no.2 with the interesting darts....

  2. I think the first one is my favorite, but I love how versatile the third one is! I'd definitely like to put my name in!

    and happy blogoversary!

  3. Happy 2nd Blogiversary! Thanks for sharing your sewing adventures with us - I look forward to reading about them.

  4. Happy blogiversary Allison. I love the first pattern, it's looks both fun to sew and wear.
    Wishing you another great blogging year.


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