Sunday, February 17, 2013

We have a winner!

So - it went like this:

"Kel, pick a number between 0 and 5"
"no -- between 0 and 5.  As in 1, 2, 3,4"

And thus began an argument on closed vs. open sets and how best to express such things.   Anyhow, eventually we got back to the numbers, and after declaring me insane, he went with 2 and I gave him some context.  

Checking back with the original post, this makes Amanda our winner!   Well done.  Skill and Valour.  (Also, convenient for me, as she is the only one of the entrants I know in real life, which means a hefty savings on postage half-way around the world.)   Sadly, she does not blog, so I'll have to get pictures up here at some point.

In actual sewing news:
-The lining of my coat is more than half-way done (no, I haven't forgotten about it - I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures.  Winter and whatnot.)  (I vote for summer.  Also temperatures above freezing)
-I have another pair of jeans cut out and about a quarter put together (again, no pictures, yes, lame)

INSTEAD, I offer you Fashion It So - a glorious blog about the fashions of Star Trek: The Next Generation. For context, I was Captain Picard in fourth grade.  Not Halloween - fourth grade.  Every day at recess. Somehow this became the cool thing and even the kids who didn't watch played along (They were aliens and more or less caused mayhem.)



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