Wednesday, April 9, 2014

two steps forward, one step back

You'd think I'd have figured this out the first time I made this pattern, but somehow I needed to take over an inch off the bodice length to get it to sit properly.

Yes, I know - not much progress.  Things have been stupid busy lately.  But the wedding is on Saturday so I have to get this finished up soon.....

The plan is to sew up the side seams tonight (Wednesday), baste in the zipper and get the straps placed.    Then, if I can attach the lining tomorrow (Thursday) and sew in the zipper (I hand-pick.... so it takes a thousand years.  But I cannot for the life of me do a machine zipper properly), Then Friday I mark the hem and head down to the venue and Saturday morning I can sew up the hem.....    The wedding isn't until 3pm, so I've totally got time.




I have other dresses.  I will bring a back up.


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    1. f I made it slightly too tight and need to let out the zipper a bit if I want it to close. So.... fingers crossed I get it all done in time.


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