Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Space Dress

And here we have the triumphant conclusion of the space dress.  (I think the print/pattern/decorative motif/batik design looks like space.)  Generally the way I discern success is how excited I am to wear it, and upon finishing it, tried to figure out if I could get away with several days in a row.   The fact that its currently hot enough that ten minutes after going outside I am glowing like a pig meant this wouldn't really be a good idea, but you get the point :)   I also made the bandeau (thanks to Tanit-Isis for the proper name)  out of scraps of purple jersey I had -- there was no measurement involved in this one, but its a knit, and the idea was for it to stretch.  Consequently its a bit wonky and slightly taller on one side, but as only a small bit shows, it's perfect.

Other than the darts I mentioned in the last post, there were a number of modifications to the pattern (New Look 6674).  I added in-seam pockets to both sides (which is a first, usually I forget and only add one, and it ends up being on the left, which is rather annoying, as I am not left handed*.  I also ditched the mid drift band as it fit oddly, and whilst playing with the dress decided I preferred it stylistically with a belt anyway, so the bodice was attached directly to the skirt.   I kept the interior button closure, but turned the outer one into a small ribbon tie, rather than the large and decorative fashion fabric one the pattern recommended.     For whatever reason I just could not face threading the serger (a process that takes maybe 5 minutes) so to finish the seams I turned the raw edges in and stitched over them again(although this time with a zig-zag).  I'm calling these fako-french seams - which ended up looking rather nice, so I'll probably do something similar again.   I'm also working my way into a passionate infatuation with hem tape... it makes it look so clean and pretty.  Hmm... I think the only other bit of note was reinforcing the waistline with bias tape.

For anyone keeping count, which is probably just me, I'm counting these as items 2 and 3 in stash-bust mark 2.   My rules (malleable as they are) are that something must have been made from fabric purchased prior to January 2011  (or  be an UFO started prior to that date) and it must be in a finished and wearable state.  (I.e. not dirndl dress)

For today's sewing lesson, Sonia added in the waist facing and started in on the zipper.  I have her hand-picking it, as that is my preferred method  of insertion (frankly, I think it gives a lot more control.   zipper-feet and I do not get along)  A little bit more and she'll have her lovely skirt finished and ready to wear.

*  I crack me up.


  1. It looks good! I did the same thing when I finished my red polka-dot dress... my compromise was wearing it every other day (fortunately, the week included a lot of travel). It was not excessively glow-inducingly hot, though, which helped.

    I am falling in love with hem tape (in various forms), too. Although I have a bad habit of thinking that one package will be enough. It isn't.

  2. Love the fabric and shape of the dress! Lovely!

  3. Allison, looks fantastic & double gold star for stashbusting. Yet another brilliant fit :-)& adorable colour fabric.

    By the way thank you for your last comment, the switch apparently took 24 hours, so if you pop around now it's online,& there's cake :-)

    There's no /wp on the end anymore!


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