Saturday, April 30, 2011

the fun of fitting

My sewing machine jammed last night. Despite taking out a cotton ball's worth of fuzz and checking the tension, its still a bit wonky. Rather than tinker with it yet again this evening, I decided to start fitting New Look 6587. I've made coarse adjustments to the whole thing (FBA, removing excess from the sides, etc....) and finer ones to my right, image left. It's not quite there yet -- especially the darts in the back. I plan to do this with a stripey fabric, so it needs to be *right*. I have a few thoughts, but I figured I'd try to take advantage of the blogosphere. Any thoughts?


  1. Gertie has got a tutorial on a blue and white stripy dress where she also shows you how to pivot a dart to get the stripes into chevrons.

    Good luck!

  2. Wow, it looks good (and I won't go into how jealous of your figure I am...)

    Are the back darts long enough? It's hard to tell if that puffiness at the top of the darts will disappear with pressing or not. That rippling at the side back could be because it's a bit tight somewhere, or could be that it's a bit too long, or could be just that the seam allowances are getting in the way. Or something else completely... ;)

    Did I mention it looks good?

  3. @Tanit-Isis: Thank you! And I agree, the back darts are probably too short. I was thinking of extending them all the way to the neckline and making separate side-back and center back pieces.

    @Magpie Mimi: I've seen it, but I hadn't thought of using it for the back... interesting.

  4. Looks great!I had two thoughts: First, the back neckline seems too wide and I wonder about either extending the back dart up or slashing and overlapping the neckline to remove some of the width. Second, I'm wondering if the shoulder seam might need to be deepened at the shoulder edge. Can't tell for sure from the way your arms are positioned in the photo. That would remove some of the vertical puffiness i think I'm seeing. You're doing a great job on this one. LM


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