Monday, May 30, 2011

puttering along

Annnnnd didn't finish the cocktail dress in time for the challenge.  In actual fact, didn't even pick it up, other than to get at an older project that was sitting underneath it.    My drive to finish it has disappeared post-wedding, and the next event it would be appropriate for is the company holiday party in about 6 months.... so, me thinks I shall focus on items I can use in Me-Made-June instead.    I'm back to the refashion of the wrap dress.  The zipper is hand picked and set in, so still left to do is sewing up the center back seam below the zipper, binding the neckline and adding straps.     Ignore the white tank underneath in the picture -- its the result of spontaneous fitting photo shoot syndrome.

Anyhow, really looking forward to MMJ, starting on WEDNESDAY!!!!   How about all of you out in blog-land?   cameras warmed up and ready?

...better pictures to come when I get this thing all finished

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