Saturday, May 14, 2011

time to get my act together....

Turns out I was doing the last post *right* as blogger was having its issues.   Go figure.

from Couture Allure

purple mystery fabric!

 Anyhow... looking at the calendar I've realized May is half gone, and for those of you not obsessively tracking my social schedule, this means I have about two weeks to get my dress together for my friends' (intentional apostrophe position) wedding, which is coming Memorial Day weekend.  I'm still going to go with the original plan -- i.e. the gathered 50's cocktail dress, but rather than go out and buy lots and lots and lots of something leaf green as I had intended, I think I'll use the 7 yards of shiny purple mystery fabric that has been inhabiting my stash for the last year or so.   It was always intended for something like this, and I recall getting it for a dollar a yard. (The idea that I may pull this dress of for $20 is most amusing. )  I also need to dig through and find something for the base and a petticoat, but lets be honest, I love me some stash diving, and the dress and petticoat will be a two-fer for my second round of stash busting.     The other two items currently in progress (re-fashioned wrap skirt to dress and the stripy-polka dot drindle dress) are just going to have to wait until I've gotten my act together.  

Is the new blogger posting window bothering anyone else?  I'm still having issues with it not wanting to put pictures below text....

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  1. This is going to be gorgeous Allison!!
    And thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Mum's jacket. She was thrilled to get so many compliments!
    Are you joining in Me-Made June?


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