Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: A Plan Of Action

I'm working on the assumption that the whole Mayan calendar thing doesn't come true. Should I be wrong, feel free to come bug me about the commitments I made on my sewing blog.

The goal for this year -- button holes.  Not the bound variety, or fancy loops, or any of that.  I'm talking garden variety the sewing machine does the work and you clip out the center.  I have NEVER gotten one to work.  My machine mocks me when I try and generally stymies any and all who have told me I was being ridiculous and have sat down to try it. (No I don't want help.  I will vanquish this beast myself. )   To that end, I shall make a button down shirt.  It will occur whenever I get around to it, be made of whatever catches my fancy and will be the epitome of glory.    All who see it shall be overcome and need to lie down for a little while lest they faint.

Oh, and I'll finish some of the projects I've got going.  I think I have 5 going concurrently, not counting UFOs from a while ago -- so -- yay! finishing!  So yeah... actual sewing.  Totally going to post on that soon.   Until then, here is a hippo.

the hippo greats you and hopes you survive the Mayan apocalypse

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