Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drafting your own half circle skirt pattern. Part Two

El scruffinator asked for a bit more on the whole half-circle skirt thing, so, here we go...

How much fabric do I need?

Well, this depends - since you are drafting your own pattern its really up to you (helpful, no?)  But the real answer is 2*r2 , i.e. the length of the total distance from the bottom of the skirt to the center of rotation.  (If you are confused, please read my previous post)  So, working off of my measurements from the other day, I'd need 79 inches, or a little less than 2 and a quarter yards.    But, as I say, it depends on your measurements, if you make something smaller, you'll need less.  If you choose to do something longer and use the whole 45 inches of your standard bolt width for your length, well....
However, odds are you won't, and odds are I'm taller than you, so I think its safe to say 2 and a quarter for a half circle and four and a half for the full humdinger.  Mine will hit the web in a bit - I still need to do crazy things like wash the fabric and finish a project for a friend of mine that's on a bit of a deadline, before I can actually make it, but soon.


  1. You are a sewing angel. Thank you For saving my brain. It can do the sums but resists! I really want to give this a try now .... Great instructions :-)

  2. All these half-circle skirts are seriously tempting me. Argh. I think my brain is in random-project-freefall mode. Good job clarifying the maths---it's one of those things I *can* do if I put my mind to, but I tend to get halfway into it and go "ah, crud, that's close enough." ;)


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