Sunday, January 8, 2012

Obi / Tentacle Sleeved Jacket

 Remember about forever ago when I was working on this?  Finished!  (well, 98%, I still need to add clasps, but they are on the inside and this is how it will look.)    The pattern of the midrift keeps reminding me of an Obi, and with the tentacle pattern, this is turning out to be a rather Japanese-y jacket - most odd considering what I had originally planned - but I am very happy with it- all the more so because it will be ready the moment it is warm enough to wear outside.  (I've been prancing about at home - Its always a measure of success when garments make me dance.)

The green border took forever -- it was machine sewn to the right side, then folded over and hand stitched to the wrong - and besides there being many many yards to cover, a certain fuzzy gentleman decided to help the process along.

lace shirt
brocade jacket

This particular project has gotten me thinking -- at what point does the design become my own?  The base of the pattern pieces were from a dress by Tracy Reece for Vogue - however, I have modified all of them, added sections of my own and altogether altered everything over the course of several projects.  However, the core of the design - the building blocks are all hers.   My usual response when asked about something like this is that it is vaguely based on a pattern.   Anyhow, I found it interesting - at what point does it become my design.  Anyone out there have thoughts on the subject?

Also, and in other news, I may be going dark for a few weeks - you may recall a while ago I was going on about having waaay to much mucus - anyhow, I'm having surgery later this week, so depending on which one of the endless number of people who have been giving me advice is correct, I will either be unable to do anything, or  bounce back really fast and be crazy productive from all the meds.  In which case, tons of stuff!  I'm hoping for option number two.  Think happy thoughts!


  1. Good luck with your surgery!! I adore your obi jacket - it's such a fabulous and unique piece. I totally understand your pain on the hand stitching to the wrong side of the fabric - it takes forever but I'm always glad that I took the extra time! And besides, I use it as an excuse to go through my Netflix queue - I need something to distract me from the endless task at hand!

  2. I've made that dress (the original Tracy Reece I mean) and I think you're safe in calling your version your own. Great job, looks like a lot of work. All the best for the surgery x

  3. I thought the jacket looked like a dress at first. Still very pretty. I like the lace shirt. It looks good on you.

  4. AllIson, it's AMAZING! Sorry only just commenting, but had technical issues downloading pics, and have just seen them now, but read text a few days ago. I love the detailing. It really is something that is hand designed, not just hand made. It's beautiful!
    Good luck with your op. hoping you'll be in the bounce back group, but at the very least hope you take sufficient time to rest and recuperate. Xx

  5. Hey everyone - many thanks - and back post surgery! not yet up to sewing yet, but happily reading through things.


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