Wednesday, December 12, 2012

re-imagining V2971 as a dress (part 2)

Can we stop for a moment and discuss the difficulties of photographing shiny material with a direct flash?   The versions I took without ended up overexposed and yellow, so I popped them into black and white -- and its still wonky, but at least you aren't being blinded by the light.

Anyhow- this is the current status of the dress.  I'm actually holing up the skirt, as it still far and away too long, and I've yet to add sleeves, but I think the concept is going to turn out really well.

Its only just basted, so tonight I sew!

What I particularly like about this pattern is that is looks like a wrap dress without the possibility of coming open or catching my breasts in an odd way.  (Wrap under the breast turns into cleavage city, while wrap over always somehow makes me feel about 12.  Not sure why)

(also, 12/12/12, yay for repetitive dates)

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