Sunday, August 4, 2013

Catching up

I have obtained batteries!  It took repeating "go buy batteries" the whole way home one evening, but damn it, I did it.

But look! New fabrics! (because I totally needed them...)   As occasionally happens, I went in looking for something specific (6 yards of something thin, drapy, abstract and woven) and walked out with something else entirely.   The birds are a thin chiffon (I haven't done a burn test yet), the black is a gorgeous thin jersey that will be another many paneled dress (I've wanted a black one for ages, so this was the only justifiable purchase of the lot) and a tie-die gauze in purple, blue and teal that I lost my heart to, right as the heat wave ended....  

Currently in progress!  
The black and white many-paneled dress is almost done, all it needs is a hem....      Despite this, I'm not entirely sold on it - it keeps looking mid-90s workout - but occasionally, I see flashes of exploding death-star and I like it a lot.  So.... we shall see.     The other primary project of the moment is B4978 out of the chiffon birds.  Rebel that I am, I am not building the lining into the dress and will instead wear it with a slip.  (more on my various modifications in a later post), this has entailed lots of french seams.   I knew how to do them before, but, I am their mighty queen, and all the seams must bow down before me!

And finally, in a fit of bizarre laziness, I couldn't be bothered to rethread my serger last night (we're talking 5 minutes, tops) I decided to figure out and start cutting out everything I'd need for a tessellated card trick quilt.  

I've been thinking about this one for a while - I have a huge bin full of scraps and I've always told myself that I'm not a hoarder, I'm just saving them to make a quilt, because it would be a shame to waste so much fabric.  So-- diving in.   I imagine this one will be going on in the background for sometime, as according to my calculations, I need ~320 L-shaped blocks, of three squares each, to make a queen size quilt.   So far, I have 20 sets....

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