Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Year's Dress

New Year's Resolution: Higher Resolution.   (As ever.  I crack me up.  But seriously, after spending so much time on things, I'd like to get nice pictures of them)

Anyhow - The dress!  It is finished and worn for New Year's Eve, and.... I actually really like it.   I wasn't expecting to at all - but after all that fuss I'm really pleased with how it came out.   (I may have been hate-sewing the dress, out of spite for the money I spent on materials, and didn't bother with any interior seam finishing.)  

The pattern ended up being a mix of three patterns, V1304 for the straps, V1174 for the bodice and B5350 for the skirt.  Surprisingly enough, the seams matched well and there was very little monkeying around to get everything meshed together.   I shorted the straps a bit, ditched the cap sleeves and removed all the interior structure from the bodice.   Otherwise, it as would be expected.

 spin spin spin

blue steel.


  1. You look gorgeous sweetie! And I'll stop commenting today as feel like a stalker already but wanted to catch up on your adventures! ;)

    1. you're not a stalker - you're my internet friend who's been busy for a while and is popping up to say hi. Its nice to have you back :)


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