Monday, February 17, 2014

34 degrees is sundress weather

the long awaited hem.   
I have overcome my own lumpishness and sewn the hem!!!!

For weeks I had put it off because I was three pins shy of having it fully pinned in place, and it somehow never occurred to me to just shift things slightly.  (I've decided to blame winter and a lack of sunlight on me devolving once again into evil hermit mode.)

stomp, stomp, stomp
Having finally finished the dress, I merrily stomped about the yard, crushing the snow beneath my boots, and generally showing it who is in charge.  This all happened very quickly, as it was just slightly above freezing and more than a little windy.

super hero style.
Once again, I'm happy with how the dress came out - although its a bit tighter this time as I didn't take the allowances into account for french seams - having decided to use them after I cut it all out.  

pink pouf!
As mentioned in an earlier post, the fabric is a very thin shot cotton - it looks great, but doesn't have enough body for this style of dress on its own (B5748) so I'm wearing it with the pink cotton crinoline I made a week or so ago.  Cotton-on-cotton means I need to make sure nothing is sticking oddly when I first get dressed, but should be good for summer when I want it to breath and be able to just toss everything into the washing machine.


  1. Great dress, love the trim, I want one!

    1. thanks! its butterick 5748, with added pockets.

  2. Oh, this is gorgeous! Love the style and the colour and the trim and the pink petticoat best of all! And, YAY BARELY ABOVE FREEZING WEATHER! (Ok, we've had that here for two days now and it's an awesome improvement... I may have worn a sleeveless dress to work today. Albeit with tights and a shrug. :D WIN!

    1. Its amazing how comfortable just above freezing becomes after being significantly below. Although in all honesty, I wear ALL the polar fleece when I have to be out for more than 3 minutes. You win winter for actually being cute all day long, despite the temperatures.

  3. It's really beautiful!! *_*. I haven't more words..hoping that one day I'll sew like you!

  4. Ooooooooooh! LOVE the pink under the grey!


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