Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bits and pieces

chrysanthemum style
The cotton crinoline is finished... and I started getting artsy.   It's finished in eighth inch double fold bias tape, for a nice clean edge and no lost length.   It has an added bonus of making the bottom ruffle nice and firm.

nearly finished....
At this point, all the dress needs is a hem.   I've got it all pinned and ready, I just need to sew it.   However, I keep getting distracted from one hobby with the other...

the beginning of the sleeve
I'm now onto the sleeves!   I have no idea how to shape things properly for arm holes (for knitting) so, I decided to start from the bottom up and worry about it when I got there...


  1. The crinoline pic is gorgeous!! You're right, very artsy!! I love it
    And looks like you're occupied with all sorts of wonderful creativity- I don't think it matters that you are spreading your focus- your talents are still being put to good use!!

    1. hah - thanks. that's a much nicer way of thinking about it - I usually go with the attention span of a stunted wombat.


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