Thursday, February 20, 2014

someday my spring will come.....

Theoretically, someday it will be warm again, and in that hazy someday, I have a couple of weddings to attend and sundresses will once again be my standard fair.  Bring on the bright colors!

A few months ago, my mother, the enabler, blithely ignored my fabric fast and offered me a cotton eyelet and lining she had left over from one of her own projects, which I was powerless to resist.   (Fun fact:  I'd swear this was a bright pink, but she claims it is red.  Thoughts?)

pink or red?
I decided to go with more or less the same frankenpattern I'd used for my new year's eve dress - although instead of using a third pattern for the skirt, I'm using the original from V1174.  I lust after pockets with an unholy desire.

pockets and straps.  I will win the weddings.

Thus far I have the outer shell of the bodice put together.   (It won't look that pointy when I'm wearing it.  I'm afraid the table and I have rather different figures.)  The next step is overcoming my winter induced malaise and cutting out the lining (the same cotton) and catch-stitching all the seam allowances so it lays flat and pretty.

and so it begins...
 Does anyone else loose productivity in winter?    I can sew up a storm on summer nights, but in winter I just turn into a lump on the couch and watch movies sideways.


  1. In my opinion is pink, a really fluo pink! ;) . I hope you will finish the dress I can see it!

  2. It's pink to me too! Can't wait to see the finished garment, looks so pretty a fabric and pattern.

    1. thank you! (to both - I'm pretty sure certain members of my family need their eyes checked)


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