Wednesday, June 4, 2014

another one bites the dust

snazzy baby gown
One more item off my list - still to go is the seersucker suit and (recently added) a sundress as a wedding present.   Then I am done and can go back to being my happily selfish self.

Anyhow - the baby dress!    This is a christening gown for my friends' new baby.   And it even bears some resemblance to the inspiration pictures the mother sent me.   It is made of french seams throughout AND has my very first lapped zipper.

The over skirt and underskirt are two totally separate sections (I always think it looks nicer when they don't share seams)  The main body of the dress is a very soft cotton, for a happy baby, and the overskirt is a floral lace, for a happy mom.

All the internal seams are french as well, and the sleeves are sewn in between the layers of the bodice so that there are no rough edges to scratch or to peak out where they aren't wanted.   All in all, one of the best jobs of finishing I've ever done - and it will probably be worn for about an hour.    C'est la vie.

However, despite all this, it bears only minimal resemblance to the original pattern, simplicity 2457.   I used the basic shapes, but otherwise went rouge to get more or less the desired look.

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  1. What a lovely thing to make, it will be treasured I'm sure


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