Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Pants and Vogue's attempts to violate physics.

I'm very happy with how the fit turned out -- I've never done non-costume menswear before, and was worried about getting the right amount of ease without making it look all baggy and saggy - but I think it turned out rather well.

 I went rogue in a couple of places (there are eight belt loops, instead of six, because I can.)  And get this - I not only read the directions, but I more or less followed them.   (However, they were crap, which I will get to later.)

The pictures are a little over saturated from the bright sunlight, but in person, they are a lovely green and white seersucker that remind me of candy.  (I have no idea why - I can't think of a single green and white candy I've ever had.)  (But there it remains.)

But onto the directions.   They were horrible and confusing.   I knew there would be fit issues, as Vogue patterns always seem to have an extra four inches of ease, but having not bothered to read any instructions in years I didn't realize how convoluted, poorly drawn and poorly planned they were.   (The waist band was absurdly complicated and is going to be redrafted for future iterations of these pants.   However, to illustrate the insanity, I offer your step 82 - making the button-holes for the back pockets.    This comes after everything is all made and you have to slip the pocket into the machine in a manner I haven't figured out yet.   I don't actually think it is possible.)

If however, the same instruction had occurred DURING pocket construction, say between steps 39 and 40, I wouldn't have to violate physics.

pocket construction.   a good time for button holes.
Anyhow, the result of all this is, I like the pattern, but the instructions are a confusing mess with nearly useless illustrations.  If you try this, I recommend coming up with your own construction order and ignoring almost everything about the waistband.  (seriously -- cutting something out on the bias and then immediately interfacing it, with no change in shape or ease is an exercise in futility.) (grumble)


  1. Hi Allison! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with this pattern. I'm pulling my hair out as we speaking trying to understand these waistband instructions. Glad to know it's not just me. I'm having a ton of trouble with #50 and #51. Did you have any difficulty there? The darts on the pattern don't seem to line up so I'm not sure how this is supposed to work.

    1. I'll have to go back and check, but I will let you know.

    2. Looking at the instructions, and the only thing that is popping i to my head is that one of the pieces might have been upside down.... but this was about three years ago, so take that with a huge grain of salt.


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