Wednesday, June 11, 2014

fitting Greg's suit

Somehow, between us, my boyfriend and I got invited to seven weddings this summer.  Then, I shot myself in the foot by convincing him he was insane for wearing heavy jeans all summer, extolling the virtues of linen and seersucker.   Naturally, this wobbled and warped until it became a request for a lovely, lightweight summer suit.   With a deadline.    He needs it for June 21st, which is terrifyingly close.   

Greg's butt. 
As usual, following Vogue's envelope sizing resulted in WAY too much ease - I ended up taking a good inch or two of width out of each leg to get even a vaguely reasonable fit.   I also ended up taking a big wedge out to get it to lay more or less flat.  (show in his right leg - conveniently on the right side of the picture)   The problem with men's pants is trying to find that sweet spot, with enough ease for comfort, but not so much they look lumpy.

I would have preferred a few more test runs, but the wedding this is destined for in in a week and a half, so I'm about a third of the way through the real version of the pants.  (Think happy thoughts) 

super wrinkly
 Th jacket is still very much in progress and we'll be doing a third fitting on it this weekend.   Its still sitting oddly on the shoulders and back, and I'm going to need to add more ease to the area to allow him to comfortably drive.   (I tried to convince him that stylish men take their jackets off to drive and don't really need to pick things up.   He was skeptical.)

Has anyone else made this pattern?  Or a seersucker suit?   (they aren't quite like regular ones, having no real lining, to keep everything as cool as possible)   I'd welcome any advice on getting the fitting set.



  1. I've not yet embarked on it, I was thinking of making a suit for my boyfriend using this pattern. I'll let you know how I get on... if I do. The finished product looks lovely and well fitted. Shame its too sunny to see the colours properly.


    1. Good luck! its not hard....just really really time consuming. I'd love to see your finished product!


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