Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everybody needs a montage!

Going through my pictures, I realized very few of them are of garments I've made -- with the exception of costumes. Now, this makes quite a bit of sense as generally people photograph wacky hijinks, rather than clothing unless I am in fact in costume at the time. However, looking through all the blogs I follow, which eventually I ought to list on the side, my favorites are the ones chock full of pictures. So, I offer a montage.

top left: RenFest outfit, self drafted. (I also made the white shirt the man on the right is wearing, also self drafted)

top left: green dress I wore all through the summer of 2006 -- long since lost the pattern.

center: Halloween '09 - self drafted dinosaur

bottom left: Come as the Deity of Your Choice Party, self drafted

bottom center: one of my favorite patterns, new look 6557 I've made it in red, green and blue

bottom right: Halloween -10 - self drafted, going for steam punk, ran out of time. plus a lot of the details are on the back.

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