Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuxedo Jeans

which is what they have become in my head. Still sick, so nothing much construction-wise, but I fit a new waistband and have it cut out. I have a huge drop from hips to waist, and the last time I made these up (as in the pair I bought) I ended up with more fabric than I like being scrunched in by my belt, or wearing them low and loose around my hips. Either way, not optimal.

anyhow, as mentioned previously, I cut them out out a half inch too small, and added a panel on the sides to fix it up, and lined it with piping to make it look intentional. For whatever reason, in the store black looked like it blended in better than the other options --- in real life it stands out quite a bit, so I'm putting it on the pockets and waistband as well, to continue the whole "I totally meant to do this" theme. yeah.... anyhow, it really reminds me of the ribbon down the side of a tuxedo leg, so, these are know my tuxedo jeans. (whenever I get around to finishing them)

They are also a total frankenpattern -- the legs are from a pair of gap jeans, the pockets from a pair from ann taylor, the waistband is self drafted, and frankly, the legs are on their way there too, with all the modifications I've been making to the width...

All this with the knits and fighting with the jeans is about to send me scurrying back to the arms of my true love -- nonstretch wovens, specifically light weight cottons and the glory that is sun dresses. do I need more? nah. but I have this lovely purple fabric that calls out to me, and who knows, maybe I can get it done it time for my birthday.

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