Saturday, February 12, 2011

Knits are my nemesis....

 I have yet to have a knit project turn out quite the way I envision it.... They are getting closer, but still not quite right. Specifically, there is always one seam that manages to become irrevocably stretched out, and its always something that shows. In this shirt, it was the front under-bust seam -- the lining layer was fine. (why not reverse it? I was running out of fabric and made the front bust lining out of two sections I sewed together, so it works, but its not as pretty.)

<-- Original My rather screwy version ----------->

This is a self drafted pattern, based off the Ann Taylor top to the left. As you probably cannot see, since I used a cell phone camera, the bust line is too short and cuts off about an inch or two before I do. The gray version hits me in the correct place (I know, it doesn't look like in in the picture, but trust me, it does) but the color of the material and the slight " "offness" about the cut mean that without the ties and the trim it looked like something I ought to wear to the gym rather than to work. The under-bust trim is black elastic I braided, and stops at the side seams. The ties on the shoulders are just extra bits of fabric, and the more I look at this image, the more I think I should let them out and just wear it with a nice cardigan.

Ah well. This was something of a wearable muslin anyhow -- I have a lovely red knit I keep not using because I am terrified I will destroy it. so.... we shall see what becomes of it.

EDIT: I kept looking at the picture and just couldn't get over how unflattering it was, so I took off the ties and popped on a cardigan, and I'm actually still on the fence about it.

I'll just have to keep playing with it -- as I imagine it will be showing up in me-made-march photos, the final results will wait until then.

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