Saturday, March 24, 2012

Raspberry Ts

This all started when I decided I wanted to copy my sparkly sweater.   I layed it out, traced it, and then added a bit of width around the hips to account for the decreased stretch in the raspberry knit.  

Well, it came out just as I wanted *and* I managed to hem all the edges without stretching anything out.   Most pleased.    All in all this took about two hours - most of that time spent double folding and pinning hems.   Then, while puttering away at something else, I found I had no empty bobbins -- nor were there any close enough to being finished that I could pull off the remaining thread and pop it on a needle.   From time to time, I'll unwind one, but I really hate doing that.....   so I made another shirt.

It is also a copy of a RTW I traced out -- I forgot to get a picture, but no major modifications other than increased length.  Its nice -- but this time around the hems kept getting sucked into the machine, so they are wrinkled and puckered and messy.    Well -- the back of the sleeves are....  ::grumble grumble::  So this will probably be reduced to layering or bumming around the house.

However, after all this, I *still* have about a yard left -- plus scrappy bits.    So!  the plan of the moment - figure out what else I can throw together from my lovely raspberry cotton.  (All of $6 for 2 yards.  A lovely color that has been missing (as a shirt) since a certain cat was startled by a certain doorbell and ripped a slit down the front in her haste to escape. )

Off to experiment!


  1. That fabric's getting its mileage! Great that you've made such different styles (which is actually quite hard I find!) ANd the fabric looks as if it has lovely drape as well as being a super cute colour. Very flattering on you :-)

  2. Your new shirts are such a lovely color! I love your wide kimono sleeves - both shirts turned out so well!


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