Sunday, March 11, 2012

In which I vanquish a foe

 You may recall back in the hazy days of yore (December) when I couldn't find a zipper I liked for the turquoise polar feece.   Well -- its been sitting on my sewing table, upbraiding me with its fuzz for months -- and as winter is hitting us with its parting shot, I decided it was about time to take things into my own hands.  

The internet had failed me, so I turned to dye.  I found the perfect color, and in the pot it was exactly what I wanted.....

But rinsed out it was a pale shadow of the color of wanted.  (Still color color-family-wise than the other options... but not good.)   I considered going with it.. but I just wasn't happy.   I want my zippers to match, damn it!

Enter the sharpie!   I got a fatty and a fine tip.  Huzzah for the art store!

Behold the glory!    A little patchy, but lets be honest, no one but me is ever going to look at it.   (So, why, you ask, do I care so much?   It will show when the jacket is open, and I like it to be uniform.   Also- obsessive and crazy.)

Joy was felt throughout the city!

And as inevitably happens, I started trying it on with everything I own.


  1. Bravo on finally getting your right color zipper!!! I would've never thought to use sharpies - thanks for the tip!

  2. Excellent idea - & another great fitting funky fleece. The colour is stunning, & I like the crinoline styling!!


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