Sunday, June 3, 2012

Banana-tastic! Relay-Fun and Banana-Dress

Team Banana-Nursery! 

Banana-dress!!  (The concept may have worked a bit better in my mind -- but the sheath part (white) is the fruit) and the rest is the peel.   I divided the upper skirt into three sections and gathered each of them into a point.)
Most people thought I was Belle... but, c'est la vie.

Also, Banana-Harness!  (With added tape, least something dire happen over the 5 miles they ran with it flopping about on their backs.)  (I was the mascot and scooted along to take pictures.)


  1. I got it immediately - an upside down banana. Don't know what those other bozos were thinking. Looks like a lot of fun. Very creative dress.

    1. they may have lacked context. I was scooting around from handoff point to handoff point to take pictures.

  2. I ADORE IT. ADORE. You are fabulously creative, my friend!!


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