Wednesday, June 13, 2012

here comes another wild tangent!

No sewing to report, but a new project added to the queue anyhow....    I've joined the Vintage Pattern Lending Library's 1912 project.   The basic idea of the VPLL in general is to archive and replicate patterns from 1863 - 1953 so that modern sewers/seamstresses/sewasaurusrexes will be able to use them.

Anyhow, for the 1912 project they've scanned in La Mode Illustree from that year and have been signing people up to test the patterns. (The level of general knowledge at the time was MUCH higher, so people are putting in directions so that the patterns will eventually be accessible to anyone.)  They've long since passed their goal of 400 participants, but they're letting people play anyway, because they are made of awesome.     Once you sign up, you are allowed one pattern at a time and have to blog about it and write up notes, sort of like pattern review.    I've chosen to start with the Princess Slip (easily one of the most popular items of the currently released options... but its just so pretty I couldn't resist.)

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  1. Nothing wrong with tangents!! I'd like to say It's a characteristic of being creative. ;-)
    Wonderful pattern...I bet you'll make a wonderful job of such prettiness


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