Thursday, June 14, 2012

fabric and pictures and lace!

I stopped in at Jomar to see if I could find the fabric for the 1912 slip, and inevitably, walked away with far more.  $31.28, exclusive of cats.  (Who were themselves part of a 2-for-1 deal on kittens at animal welfare several years ago.)  (You'd never know they were from the same litter, but they are brother and sister.) Anyhow...  17 yards of fabric and 18 yards of lace.  Non-floral lace.  (!!!!!)   

Anyhow the white cotton and squared off lace are for the slip.  The cream lining and scallop lace are for 1909 style drawers (big loose shorts worn under a skirt -- I plan to wear them dancing, both for a little bit of extra volume and to avoid flashing the people who are sitting next to the dance floor as I spin.)   

The idea for the drawers (or as I refer to them in my head, underoos) came from 'Women's Fashion of the Early 1900s - An Unabridged Republication of New York Fashions, 1909.  National Cloak and Suit Co.' -- as you can see, it's their catalog, and being in a turn-of-the-century kind of mood, I was flipping through and decided a pair was just what I needed.   

Then... I came upon their slips and fell in love with the lace placement of 5088. The drawing shows princess lines, and it uses set in lace, which are the two main features of the 1912 slip -- so I think I will model my placement on theirs as I find it much more attractive than the original.  

The other two fabrics I've neglected to mention are the teal athletic mesh -- not sure yet, but I love the color and mesh is a lovely to work with, and the raspberry lace, which really isn't showing up well.   Its a sort of lozenge pattern.


  1. Hey there! I see you're in the VPLL 1912 Project as well AND in Philadelphia! Me too! I have yet to sew anything, however (I get caught up in the behind the scenes stuff that I volunteered to be part of). Nice to see another Philly face.

    1. I just went over and read your blog... Miami? Clearly we must get together and share our love of fabric and cats before it is too late! How much longer are you in the area?


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