Thursday, July 12, 2012

Winter Coat - Initial Muslin

Here we have the results of the first muslin.   It pulls oddly in a few places and gathers and bunches -- but there is a lot of extra fabric and zillions of pins, so its to be expected.     Anyhow, I'm particularly proud of the hood which is entirely self drafted.  The general shape of the pattern pieces was inspired by this hoodie pattern  but the product is my own. :)  It fit just the way I wanted right off the bat -- except for the gaping on the side of the hood -- I'd neglected to add shaping to the side by my face and it ended up looking more like a rennaisance style hood than something that would keep my hair in and the cold out.  As you can see in the center picture, I added a pleat (although its about an inch wider since that picture was taken to better shape the hood.)   I also ended up ditching the built in scarf.   It was just too much fabric flopping around and I will quite happily continue to wear a regular one as the weather demands.   

I still need to alter the side panels for pockets, lengthen the whole thing and add the slightest bit more ease to the armscye and probably raise the shoulder point (it appears to be drooping, esp. on my right)     Once I get this set, I should be able to see if I need more or less (ha) ease anywhere else in the coat.   

I also need to decide double breasted or center closure and then zipper or button.   The sleeves will have zippers, so I'm kind of leaning towards making it all match...  but I'm not sold on anything yet.  Also not sure if I want a kick pleat or some such in the back......  


  1. Hi Allison. I'm a friend of Meli's. I just started teaching myself how to sew, but I am in utter awe of your (and Meli's) sewing talent!! I have a couple of questions for you, if you would be willing to oblige me.

    I saw this cape ( and I'm thinking that it'd be pretty simple to make into an adult size for myself. Would you recommend lining it with thinsulate to make it New England winter friendly?

    I love the hood you have here and would love to add something similar to the cape, how would I go about getting the shape/sizing correct?


    1. email me and I'll send you hood instructions -- Melinda has my address.


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