Sunday, July 29, 2012

a little bit of everything

Aloha!   I'm back from sunny sunny Baltimore (annoyingly so, actually, as I forgot my sunglasses.)   Anyhow, the fruit of my travels is a new idea for the coat and the pattern for the 1912 slip.  

mwahahahahaha! (!!!!!)
On the off chance that you don't keep a fully updated spreadsheet of my doings, about two months ago I signed up to participate in the vintage pattern lending library's 1912 project  -- but the patterns come as a download, which makes sense, but as I never got around to replacing my printer it left me a bit in the lurch.  However, I managed to come into contact with one this weekend and have finally got it printed out.  Now, its not quite right as getting the test square sized properly ended up causing all the edges to get cut off --- so I shall have to finagle, but at least I have the basis...

The other exciting event was more of a change in plans --- I was talking about my coat with a friend who sews, but who seems to focus more on technical fabrics, and he was asking me how I intended to weatherize it.  Anyhow, long story short, I think I'm going to be switching to gortex as the outer layer.  It will be waterproof, windproof, breathable and hold up to the scootching around on concrete that I will inevitably assault it with.

and finally -- bum bum bum!  I've figure out how to deal with the thinsulate!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I decided if I was gortexing, I needed to get it together as the two are really made for each other.  My plan is to quilt a lining fabric onto the fluffy side of the gortex, like a flat lining but slightly sturdier -- then the fuzz won't catch on everything.   Then, I will use the thinsulate to quasi flat line the gortex --  i.e. make the shell, then cut out the thinsulate on the seamlines and put each one in place, then I will use the gortex shell seam allowances to tack everything in place along the edges.    I'm also planning on having a standard lining (probably anti-static bemburg) so none of this nonsense will show.

nope.  nothing to do with anything.  but pictures are fun.

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