Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A winter coat it is...

 A bit unseasonable, perhaps, but it will allow me to work at my leisure....     Anyhow, if you've been around these parts for a while now, you may recall my first (aborted) foray into the wild and wonderful world of winter coats.  I think the thinsulate did me in -- despite being assured that once it was encased in the coat I would be able to dry clean it safely, I was so worried I'd end up destroying all my work that it sapped my will to continue.  It was also so very puffy and a pain and a half to fit....   It will end up in a quilted vest this year, but my interlining of choice has switched over to several layers of flannel.      I've also changed the hood and arm zipper concept a bit -- I saw one with a built in scarf I though was interesting so I've included that, and the arm zippers have migrated to the backs.

I spent some time yesterday evening figuring out all the measurements - I want to be able to wear a bun without this thing pulling off my head and there needs to be enough space for my hair to not try and strangle me if its hanging loose.   (hair can be troublesome in the winter)

Rather than all the refitting I did last year, this time I took the pattern pieces from my fleece jacket and just added a new seam allowance and allowed the one I'd built in to the pattern be the ease for the coat.    (I originally chose one inch, which proved to be laughably enormous.   5/8" was quite sufficient.)

I've got the first muslin half finished -- its coming together nicely, except the inevitable problems of practicality vs. vanity.   I need a coat I can layer with - I need to be able to move my arms and twist and bend.   However, I also want to look sleek and not like a giant snow beast... So I am compromising here and there, but stomping on my vanity as best I can, as I know practicality needs to win out on this one.


  1. The hardest thing about doing my winter coat a couple of years ago was getting started in time to wear it for the winter. I did, but just barely.

    I'm disapointed about the thinsulate---I was hoping it would work out for you. (Mostly because I'd like to use it some time ;) ). I may have to make a warmer coat yet... the one I made is up to Calgary winters but won't be up to Saskatchewan winters when we move back...

    Also, I think using your GORGEOUS fleece jacket pattern is an awesome idea. Good luck with the vanity-stomping. I haven't had much luck with that, myself...

    1. I think thinsulate would be okay if handled differently. For example -- a thicker muslin (like polar fleece)that would show the lack of drape, NOT trying to make alterations to the fit while working with it, and not trying to pair it with dry-clean only wool when its not supposed to be ironed or dry-cleaned. It just overwhelmed me --- I also think doing a small project (such as the quilted vest) to get the hang of working with it first would have helped. It *is* gloriously warm -- I hope you manage. (maybe a zip in liner? that way it could be cleaned separately and the coat could be pressed without worrying about melting its innards)

  2. ANother interesting project ...I have bought me some coat fabric, I shall also take Tanit-Isis' advice on board & try to plan in enough time to make it. You seem to jhave the right idea ....maybe you will help keep me on point!

    1. team coats-before-the-temperature-drops! (we may want a snazzy acronym)


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