Sunday, October 7, 2012

a tale of cold feet

Ever had a quick two hour project turn into a massive saga of insanity?    Behold the elf-boots of cozy maddess!!!!! (!!!!)   They started out as Green Pepper Patterns' polar sock - made with polar fleece and non-skid footing.   Super easy - nice fit - zipped right through them.     

However, after wearing the for an evening, the location of the seaming started to bother me (it's probably fine for normal people, but I was the kids who wore her socks inside out to avoid the toe-seam.)  So, I pulled them apart - nothing quite like ripping serging out of fleece.  Good times.   Anyhow, I flipped the seams to the outside and started going over them with bias tap, fun look, happily sewing along -- and bam, I'm out of bias tape.

The rest of the saga involves buying the wrong size and sewing a pin into the binding that took forever to find.  However, after the madness, and some re-fashioning of the pattern so that my ankle would fit  (wider seam allowances = less space.   yeah....  ) I have declared them elf boots.  They are glorious.

If you are keeping track, this is 1/15 in my fabric fast count-down.


  1. AWESOMESAUCE. These are perfect for the upcoming winter!

  2. Wow. You are amazing. I can't believe your dedication to sewing and comfort. Well done you!


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