Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bring me a Shubbery!

I ended up running out of time and tiny leaves (there are over 300 - I think getting all my appendages would have taken another 300) for last night's party -- happily I'd done the whole torso, front and back, so we cut off the arms and the legs and bam! it looked finished   The legs were still a little wonky, so Kel started shoving clumps of scraps into his machine over a green ribbon, and we attached them to the legs of the shorts.   It ended up looking like an intentional design feature :P

Worn with brown stockings (I claimed they were my trunks) and a green scarf, it actually worked pretty well.   All the pictures from last night are on other people's cameras (bloger fail, I know) but the glory of the python shall be revealed in due course

EDIT:   this first picture is in - I give you, the galloping shubbery!


  1. Ahhhh, coconuts!! All makes sense seeing the video!!! I am incredulised with the amount of work this has involved....awesome!!

    1. thanks :) I can't take credit for the coconuts - they were a party feature, but I did gallop about most happily.

  2. EPIC AND AWESOME!!! A truly fabulous and original costume - very well done!


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