Thursday, October 11, 2012

On Topiary


For anyone who is unfamiliar -   topiary is when bushes are trimmed into particular shapes - people, animals, geometric figures - whatever.  My original plan was to end up with a costume like the lady on the left -- I was going to have a big hoop skirt and wear brown stockings as my trunk.  However, after much thought, I think I am going to go for a hooded jumpsuit instead.   Pants will be a lot easier to wander around in than a giant skirt (I'm planning on wearing this to work and I wasn't sure I'd fit in my desk)  

Anyhow, there were some questions today on making leaves - so I present a mini-tutorial.  They are absurdly simple and the pictures are atrocious (cell phone camera!) but here you go :)

1) take a circle of fabric

2) sew all around the edge and start pulling it tight, like a draw string bag

3) pull it all the way tight, tuck the ends in and sew it down off-center.

wamo-blamo - you have a leaf.

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