Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travel Sewing

Leafy leafy awesome (excuse the camera phone picture.  The colors are greener and more similar in person)
Behold the beginning of my most glorious Halloween costume!!!

I'm trapped on a business trip, but getting through some of the many hundreds of leaves I'm going to need for the Topiary-Costume-Of-Awesome.   Fortunately, all these little off center yo-yos have to be done by hand anyway.

I may have decided on topiary, and then friends may have needed a party theme, and I may have suggested Holy Grail just so that I could be the shrubbery.... but one never knows.....



  1. OMG. Your topiary costume is going to be epic and awesome, I can just feel it!

  2. hehehe, thank you! have you decided what you will be?


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