Sunday, January 13, 2013

1513 coif - Historical Sew Fortnightly

Starting off slow with this challenge -- my goal is to re-do my whole RennFest costume over the next month or so.    I decided to start with a coif - a small cap designed to keep the hair clean and out of the way and which fits under a fancier hat, should one be available.   My fancy hat is this not-quite-a-gable-hood I got this past summer (trust me, from the front it looks period).   

While researching coifs and caps, I found that the majority were actually a single piece of fabric, laid across the head and tied onto a bun with a draw string, not actually two pieces of fabric, the way mine is constructed.  However, I don't have nearly as much hair as ladies did then, so this achieves the look even if it isn't quite historically accurate.


The Challenge: #1 – Sew something from XX13

Fabric:  lightweight quilting cotton left over from a muslin
Pattern:  The Northern Coif, from the Sempstress
Year: 1513 (ish)
Notions:  none
How historically accurate is it? Mildly - its hand sewn, but it should really be one piece of fabric tied of my head, rather than two, sitting on top.
Hours to complete: 1 - included fitting and sewing, it goes together quickly.
First worn: not yet worn outside my house
Total cost: free - I made it from scraps left over from other things


  1. Looks pretty good to me! And it's nice that you were able to get an entire costume piece from leftovers. I've made enough costumes to know how expensive they can be to create!

    1. thanks! my goal is to get the whole costume out of things currently in my stash -- Its helping me get excited about stash-busting again.


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