Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Plans, Plotting and Pictures!

I got a few more pictures of the green jacket yesterday afternoon, as my poorly lit living room isn't really an ideal place for photography.  Funnily enough I was grumbling to myself about how hot and muggy it was, and this was going to end up waiting for weeks until I'd get to actually wear it -- until this morning when I woke up to a cold steady rain.    Let me tell you, it is cozy.   It also helped me decide that the white one will be identical, as the HVAC system at my office leaves a great deal to be desired, and the ability to wear this unzipped came in where the air wasn't pumping (although most of the day I was freezing and had it all zipped up)   However, last night I started on an even more fiendish plot, one that would involve all the design features I've been mooning over, without sacrificing practicality a bit. I need a new winter coat - while my current one is still in good condition, it really isn't warm enough.  As best I can tell without taking it apart, its a layer of wool and a layer of lining, and that's it.  Needless to say, the winter winds cut right through, so I layer, but its still rather frustrating.   So, since in the middle of winter I stay all buttoned and zipped, it will have a side zip.   Since I often have trouble getting gloves on with my packed full of layers sleeves, it will have arm zips.   Since I am tired of hat hair (although I do have a very cute hat to make up for it) it will have a hood -- and not just any hood, a really cool one, that I've been calling the hoodie-from-space since I saw it last year.

  Lisa was kind enough to send me her patterns and directions, which ought to help this particular process.     Anyhow, I'm currently working on figuring out what else I want to incorporate, and then I will start drafting the muslin.  I'm going to base it all on V1040, since I have the fit down, but it will require a fair number of modifications to incorporate the hood, the zippers (and zillions of pockets) and to extend down to at least my knees.

The jacket  below and on the right (I think BurdaStyle, although I'm not sure) is the source of my fascination with sleeve zippers, although mine will be on the bottom.  The jacket on the left appears to have a gently curved front zipper, which is also appealing to me just now.


  1. Allison, where is the jacket on the right from? I was trying to describe a jacket with those features (minus the sleeve zippers) to one of the shops in Harvard Sq, and either I couldn't describe it well enough, or I think more likely, the person just wasn't understanding the terms I was using (he was very hipster-ish).

  2. the one on the right is a pattern from BurdaStyle (this was there example) the one on the left is from Modcloth, and was at one point for sale. I can send you pictures if you want.

  3. gah... *their*. stupid finger slip and no way to edit.

  4. Your fleece Is awesome and love crazy you pics!! Its meant as the highest form of flattery but as a seamstress it is actually more of an insult ( so why am I saying it- prob hoping you understand the sentiment) but it doesn't look handmade at all if you know what I mean- except we know shop bought clothes never fit so well. Ahem. And live the inspirations for the next wrap up number, particularly the yellow gem.

    1. almost a year later, but I was looking back over coat-related posts and now blogger has a proper reply function- so thank you :) I totally know what you mean and am most flattered, thank you!


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