Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Me-Made-May - Week Three Round-Up

Day 15: The many paneled dress makes its official debut!

Day 16: me-made skirt.   (The first time I wore it to work was with a dark blue shirt and people kept asking if I was Wonder Woman.   Since then, this has been the Super Hero Skirt TM  )

Day 17:  Me-made other many panel dress!  also dwarf helmet for hat-day!

Day 18:   Temperature dropped and I hopped into the fleece robe of awesome.

Day 19:  me-made jeans and shirt!

Day 20:  The bedsheet dress - otherwise known as the original many-paneled dress!   (and the only one in which I added seam allowances when cutting it out....)

Day 21: The floaty dress and slip!  With bonus holy-crap-that-bush-has-thorns!

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