Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ladybug Dress - V8727

After a remarkable mess of a project, here we have the complete ladybug dress.  However - this is after buying more fabric and completely remaking the bodice. I'm tempted to make the first incarnation of this dress a PSA on fitting while distracted. 

Friends don't let friends ruin their fabric.

However, ruin it I did.  (late April/ early May where a bit of a mess, hence the constant screw ups.)  I forgot to add an FBA and the bust line was about an inch or so above where it ought to be, resulting in pulls and drag lines and a generally awkward fit.  I'm afraid I didn't get pictures (Afraid. Hah. It was just bad.  Use your imagination.)
A is what I wanted, and eventually did.  B is the screw up.
Anyhow, after getting my head screwed back on, and getting an extra yard of fabric, I redid and refit the bodice (which is V8727, with the skirt from M5292, as usual) for the current incarnation.  Anyhow, I thoroughly recommend the pattern.  Once I stopped being an idiot it was easy to fit, comfortable to wear and generally flattering.

pretend I'm making a better face - this is the only one that shows the back 

As requested: a close up of the fabric.   (Most of the wispy bits that look like dust or fur are actually black printed on black.  Messes with my head something fierce.)



  1. Hurrah for investing in another yard, and even more hurrah for investing the time to re make the bodice. Totally looks fab, as always. Will get lots of use I suspect!

    1. thanks - I'm really liking it so far and thinking of making a few more with this pattern.

  2. Is there a close up showing the fabric pattern?


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