Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me-Made-May - Week Two Round Up

Consider yourself warned in advance.  Things got more than a little dull this week as the temperature dropped back down and I got headaches from the changing pressures and stopped caring about anything other than being comfortable.   We have high hopes for the coming weeks, as there should be a few more days of warmth....

Day Eight: Jeans!

Day Nine:  Jeans and Jacket!

For those keeping track - this is when my camera broke -- thence followed a series of fun-with-the-built-in-webcam pictures!

 Day Ten: Refahioned Skirt - Friday's theme was sewing spaces, so as a special blog double feature, you actually get to see the unholy mess I was blocking in the photo I put into the flickr group....  lucky lucky you...

Day Eleven: Pajama Pants (I don't think I actually left the house on Saturday....)

Day Tweleve:  Capris! Me-modified Pacman shirt!

At this point, the new camera has arrived, but I haven't figured out all the settings yet.  
Plus its cold out.

Day Thirteen:  Flannel Shirt!  The snuggle is strong with with one.  (Originally made to be part of a pajama set, but generally worn out and about.   Odd how things morph after making...)

Day Fourteen: Pajama Pants!  Pacman shirt!   Cat-beasts!


  1. I am fairly certain you are not allowed to count the cat-beasts for me-made May.

    1. I molded them into the fearsome warriors they are today. I shaped their very beings. I made them - without me, they would be nothing! nothing I say!

    2. I am certain that the cat-beasts disagree with your assessment. If anything, the cat-beasts have influenced your (rather worrying) delusions of grandeur.

    3. The cat-beasts chorus in unison "All Hail She Who Feeds Us"


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