Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Banana Harness

Things have been a little slow here at the fixation, so I thought I'd pop up and say hello.   There has been a bit of sewing, but no good pictures, although I will tell you my current project is tangentially related to the gentleman in yellow.   (We call him 'Chiquita').

Stay tuned for the continuing installments of our madcap adventures!

In case you were curious -- me-made harness :)


  1. I just love you so much sometimes :) HILARIOUS!

  2. Oh my, I saw the title & what came to mind? "Banana Hammock" ..... & there was I expecting to see what you had in mind for a minute piece of lycra & a drawstring. But this?! Excellent! I like that you are wearing your pretty dress underneath this strange banana!!


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