Tuesday, May 29, 2012

marveling at my own insanity

I'm currently making myself a costume -- the aforementioned double-wopper-of-a-dress using both views of simplicity 3673.    I'm planning on wearing it for a sum total of maybe 5 hours.    And yet.... every seam is being finished as though I were planning on wearing it every day.    I'm sitting here, perfectly aware of the madness, and yet my response it always 'but it looks so pretty'.....    Well, at least I will be the best dressed mascot that ever mascotted.  

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  1. When my children were in primary school, I was making costumes every couple of months or so (the head was OBSSESSED with dressing up) and I made every one as if it was to be worn every day. I guess once you can, you do!


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