Friday, May 4, 2012

The leisurely alteration of the emergency jeans

look at all that ease!!!!!
 A few months ago I threw together the emergency jeans when I'd managed to rip, tare or otherwise abuse almost every other pair I owned within about a week.    Well -- at the time I was so paranoid I was making them too small that I ended up making them too large.   We're talking about four inches of extra ease around my thighs too large.

Now, it can be fun to pretend to have rabbits in my pockets, but its really not an every day look, so I decided to take them in, popped them on the 'to fix' pile and there they languished, forlorne and unworn until a few days ago when I realized I ought to get them finished for me-made-may.

Turns out it was easier than I'd expected-- I took out the top stitching over the hips, undid the cuffs, sewed up the sides, redid the bits I'd just taken out, and whamo!   jeans without saddle bags!

But wait -- shouldn't there be 'before' and 'after' pictures?   Probably.  But I couldn't get any flattering pictures this evening and I wasn't feeling the 'before' only... so, no.   I'm sure I'll wear them later on this month  and will manage a picture when its not all thunderstormy-clammy and 80 degrees out. (moan moan moan)
pretty pretty patterns

But look!   Distraction!   Pretty things!  (A clever ploy, no?)  The recent vogue patten sale caught me too and I grabbed the four of these.   I'm especially happy with the two on the right - I'd been looking at them the day before (at a fabric store, totally ignorant of the online sale) and decided I didn't $30 and $10 (ish) like them.... but for $3?   Yes, I like them very much, thanks!  The two on the left I got for fun -- I like the long flowy skirt of the top pattern and the bodice from the bottom.

However, I've decided I'm not allowed to start anything new until I've finished at least one more UFO.   My sewing closet is getting a bit crowded and the projects are becoming rowdy.

May the Fourth be with you!


  1. I think a 'before' photo with rabbits actually in your pockets would have been hilarious! Toy rabbits of course, no cruelty to jeans... ;)

    Very pretty patterns! Can totally see you in the bottom left pattern but with a more flow-y skirt, maybe the skirt from it's partner on the right?

  2. Yes Rabbits would have tickled me too!
    I like the look of the top right jacket & trousers (sorry pants!) There's always something attractive but impractical about light coloured suits ...


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