Wednesday, August 1, 2012

fitting the VPLL princess slip

While I wait for my gortex samples to wend their way across the country to me, I've decided to work on the VPLL princess slip.    While I got the test square to be the right size for the pattern print out, I think I chose the wrong paper as there was quite a bit chopped off in the margins.   Check out the text -- it ought to read 'Ladies Princess Slip'  instead, I have 'LadieNcess'

However, I didn't really feel like printing it all out again, so I decided to make it work.

Raw Fit

Upon measuring the new bust/waist/hips I found they were exactly right --- exactly right --- this never happens.  (never ever ever ever)  So I cut it out just as it was, pinned it up and tried it on.

Interesting fact -- the circumferences were correct, but their placement on my body was not. So... it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't right either.

Preliminary Alterations

I moved the waist and hip down about two inches (this is all with pins) and took fullness out of the high bust by pinching the excess together at the seam.   I didn't really want to cut this out again, so I avoided adding darts.   To get rid of the sagginess on the rear armscye I raise the shoulder strap diagonally, taking more fabric from the outer edge.

The front turned out well, but the button placket was all wonky....

Secondary Alterations

While beautiful, the placket was not only irritating during fitting, but not really a sensible option for a woman without a lady's maid to do up the buttons all the way up her back.   I popped in a zipper (I'm still trying to figure out something a bit more period appropriate, but we might have just accept this will be very anachronistic)

Anyhow, fussed a bit more with the pins and waist/hip placement and came out with a fit I'm quite happy with.


  1. It's always interesting following your fitting journeys...I'm trying to learn from you :-)
    Looks great now...I couldn't imagine a button back slip in this fast paced world!

    1. thanks :) I learned a lot from the 'fit for real people' series by palmer and pletch. They spend a lot of time on how to read all the different wrinkles and pulls and puckers we encounter.

  2. Great fitting journey.Go with the zip!

    1. thanks -- and I probably will. they are just so much easier....

  3. It looks great! ... So what you're saying is you have the figure of an early 1900s corsetted woman? ;) LOL!

    What about hiding the zipper behind a placket covered in decorative buttons? I tried on a dress the other day that had something like that. It was very pretty. :)

    1. you can't see me, but I'm rolling my eyes at you. :P

      I like the idea of a zipper placket with buttons -- I think I'll look ito what sort of placement would let me play with them.


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