Sunday, August 19, 2012

found my bathing suit fabric!

Not much in the way of sewing lately, but I have found bathing suit fabric!    I was wandering around on Saturday and came upon a store that specializes in stretch materials (Fabrics on Fourth, if you are in the Philly area)  and fell for this one.   It looks kind of like gears and kind of like splotches - and is of course nothing like the rich, deep red solid or the blue polka dot I'd had in mind.   C'est la vie.

now to decide on a pattern....   I've been thinking along these lines:


picture sources:
top row: target (a few seasons ago), bravissima veronica, bravissima antigua
bottom row: all from unique vintage swimwear  (middle suit is this one)


  1. I love your fabric! It's totally unique and will make a fabulous swimsuit. I love the dark navy version with the swim skirt - swim skirts are my favorite bottoms to wear out in public swimming areas

  2. Wow. I think if you decide to put any embellishments on it you should think about some steampunk gears to match the fabric, you know, just to add a bit of bling! hehe! :)

  3. Great fabric choice, and also what a choice of patterns...livery cute swim skirt and the small frills/ ruching on the turquoise top is oh so pretty.....


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