Thursday, August 30, 2012

on mild amusement of various sorts

Nothing like a nice evenly cut yard of fabric....

...and what makes it even more ridiculous is the guy actually spent a while making sure it was even and straight.  

I don't have pictures, but the bottoms are mostly done and I have been assembling parts for the top. (Fun story -- they have a store front in Philly, so I wandered over the other day.   Turns out they don't really -- they are the basement of the corset shop and do mail order only.   They were nice enough to get me what I asked for and I had an entertaining 10 minutes looking at some of the more exotic items.  Most amusing-- Probably more so if I hadn't been sick at the time, but even through my bleary eyed haze I saw they had nifty things.)

also: my sister has started a quilt blog, if such things happen to interest you, check her out here.

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