Monday, August 13, 2012

In which I become a blacksmith!

A friend of mine is, among other things, an amateur blacksmith and over the weekend I got to play with the forge!  Really, I only hammered for the first two heatings, after which Kel took over (there is a reason smiths have HUGE arms) and I acted as apprentice and held the rod while he bashed at it with a sledge hammer.   (I also art directed, the insanity of the spork (yes spork!!!)  is entirely my doing.)

 The following is a selection of pictures without much in the way of an explanation  as it would be along the lines of 'making the steel really hot', 'bashing it with a hammer', 'bashing it with a different hammer' and 'curling it into a spiral!'  all of which certainly have technical terms that I am wholly ignorant of.   Nonetheless -- I present blacksmithing fun!

tools!!   clockwise from bottom left: original steel rod to be fashioned, forge, oil cans, anvil and mini anvil and in the center, the anvil in all its glory with zillions and zillions of nifty hammers.
heating and hammering and shaping! oh my!

Clockwise from top left: removing the excess, rolling the scroll, adding the twist, more with the scroll.  As you can see, Kel loves trees.
ye old fancy spork.   Pretty damn awesome, if I say so myself.

Kel has yet to start a blog of his own, but he does have an etsy shop where you can see more of his work. (look at the prior sales section to see his knives)  


  1. WOW, crazy fun! :D That is far and away the classiest spork I have ever seen.

  2. LOVE IT!! How fabulous! Will we be seeing more sporks from you in the future?


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