Saturday, June 1, 2013

Final Me-Made-May-13 round-up

Day 22: refashioned dress!  (it used to be a wrap skirt)

Day 23: the dress! (also, rain was coming)

Day 24: Shirt and capris!

Day 25: dress!

Day 26: dress!

day 27: same outfit as the 24th (efficiency in packing) this time with the jacket shown

Day 28: cold and rainy and a shock after Atlanta (me made jacket and lace shirt)

Day 29: a shock in the other direction and a 20 degree temperature shift (me-made dress)

Day 30: context: imagine the rake is a pitchfork and you are a mad scientest bent on evil deeds.
me-made dress!

Day 31:  exhausted:
ladybug dress again.  (theme day: red!)

And with this.... we go back to sewing!


  1. Is that Goshu you are torturing? Or another cat?

    1. No cats were harmed, tortured or otherwise inconvenienced for the making of this post. It is, however, Goshu.


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